My Father


My father is the best father in the world. His name is An-drey. His second name is Vasilievich and family name is Kravenko. He is 43. My dad is an engineer. He works at an industrial plant.

In the childhood, my dad was a very smart boy. He knew everything. When he finished school, he entered the University and after five years of hard study, he became an engineer.

Four years later, he met my future mother. They fell in love with each other and in a year and a half they married. In a year, my elder brother was born.

As for me, I was born in four years after my father and my mother got married or in three years after my elder brother was born. My dad tells me that I was a very naughty boy, but the best one in the whole world.

My dad does not like cooking but if he cooks, it is wonderful. My father likes reading a lot, but generally he has no time for such hobby. He has a large library.

Some of his books are very rare and cost much money. My mom tells him that he does not follow fashion but he enjoys collecting books. My dad is strict.

But he never punishes us physically. He punishes us financially.

I love my dad.


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